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Cone replacement

So I finally worked up the courage to take my Meredith apart. I could see grit clinging to my cone and the air blaster was ineffective. Too many sweaty festival and other outdoor gigs I guess.

So I take it apart and notice that where the legs of the spider rest on the cone, it is slightly depressed/dented.



These photos are not the best, I know. But there is a definitive depression at the points of contact.


I have three questions:

1.  How much is this affecting the tone and volume of my guitar?

2.  Should the cone be replaced?

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Old Growth Submerged Maple Bridge Inserts

AMT is now offering premium OGS [Old Growth Submerged] maple reso bridge inserts made from select quartersawn maple which is centuries old and has spent many years submerged under the cold waters of Lake Superior -- where natural aging combined with the action of anaerobic bacteria present in the lake have substantially altered its physical and sonic properties.

This wood's fine annular growth ring density [typically 20 - 30 lines per inch] far exceeds that of most modern maple, and indicates the tree it came from experienced very slow growth... resulting in smaller and more uniform cell size for increased stability/strength/rigidity/resonance.  IMO this unique maple produces exceptional sounding reso bridge inserts.

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Installing bridge inserts...

Here's a general question for builders and repair persons -

A skill I'd like to have is the ability to fit and install bridge inserts in my resos. I seem to have a lot of trouble with buzzes coming from the bridge inserts, and I really don't like the idea of sending an instrument across the country for something so (apparently) minor. Also, I'm a little intrigued by the possibilities of trying different bridge materials.

I know that the fit of the inserts into the spider has to be just so, and I don't really know the techniques or tools required to make it right. I'm comfortable taking my resos apart, and am willing to acquire a bit of equipment, if necessary.

So, my question is: is this task something someone like me can reasonably hope to become adept at, or is it better left to the pros? I'm hoping to pose this general question to Tim and Paul at ResoSummit next month, but I thought I'd open it up for discussion here.

Any thoughts?



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