Hi. I havea dobro that i think the cone has collapsed on.  I have a strange buzzing sound, and it comes from the cone.  The " Lips " Are a bit flat on  one side.  Have a bad angel. 

It only buzzes When im using the bar on it ( got some press on the strings)   Is a scheerhorn cone.   What do you guys think?????? 

Another Smith and Young Cone Evaluation

National Cones

Hi There


I've been looking at a topic elsewhere on why NRP's spider cones are not really used or even known about much in the Dobro community.  I thought it was interesting so I thought I'd ask the question.  Why are they so rare here?  Is it down to the quality/sound, or just because they are made by a company more associated with biscuit resonators.  I know Don studied with JP Quaterman so he most definitelly knows what he's doing (and his new Dobro's sound great).  What gives, is it really just down to the partisan attitude between resonator communities?


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Cone replacement

So I finally worked up the courage to take my Meredith apart. I could see grit clinging to my cone and the air blaster was ineffective. Too many sweaty festival and other outdoor gigs I guess.

So I take it apart and notice that where the legs of the spider rest on the cone, it is slightly depressed/dented.



These photos are not the best, I know. But there is a definitive depression at the points of contact.


I have three questions:

1.  How much is this affecting the tone and volume of my guitar?

2.  Should the cone be replaced?

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