Routine cleaning

Each of us has his or her own standards for when to change the sheets on the bed, the oil filter, plugs, points and condenser, the underwear and socks, the blade on the old Gillette, etc. etc.

Some people are phobic about removing the coverplate when they change strings. Well, I just wiped off the Quarterman cone for the first time in two years, with a damp rag — didn't even unscrew the spider. Now the old Schoonover sounds so much better.

If you're one of those timid souls who hates to monkey around with a good thing, even this minimal cleaning can really refresh the guitar's voice, responsiveness, etc.

Clean your cone. Your guitar will thank you.

Hearts and FlowersCoverplate (3)

Hearts and FlowersCoverplate (3)

Hearts and Flowers Coverplate (3)

Brass/Gold/Copper hardware

I am thinking about changing my chrome hardware to brass. I was considering this when I ordered my guitar from Todd Clinesmith, but played it safe and went for the traditional look.

Does anyone have pictures of rosewood/spruce guitars with brass/copper hardware and tips where I can get it. I know beardguitars have some for sale, but they have listed the coverplate as out of stock. If I do this I need tuners, soundholes, coverplate, tailpiece and skrews in brass or copper. What do you guys and gals think?


Posting a couple of pics of my guitar as it is now!


Image Image

Pending: Used coverplate with high palmrest

Hi folks,  

I'm upgrading an old import Regal RD-45NS to a Continental cone and spider, and the cone and spider won't fit properly under the Regal original coverplate.  So I'm looking for a good usable used coverplate with a higher palmrest.  Can pay cash or trade.  Please let me know if you have any that you might like to unload, how much you need for it, or what you might take in trade. 




I received an phone call from Bobby Wright, who is currently upgrading my '77 Sho-Bro, and a used Wechter Sheerhorn coveplate will be on it's way next week. If it fits, the old Regal should be much improved. Thanks.

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