Mike Witcher Downlaod Lessons

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Hi Folks,

I am pleased to announce the release of the first four lessons in my Download Lesson Series. Here is a sample of Salt Creek. Included in the download is a HD Video, TAB, MP3 of the performance and Jam Tracks (real instruments, not band in a box). I'll be posting more lessons every month. Check out my website for more details. www.mikewitcher.com



Koa resonator Uke with oil finsih

The talk about Koa with an oil finish got me thinking. Don't have a square neck koa body. I do have a custom Mya-Moe resonator ukulele that is koa with an oil finish. I found out that taking pictures with a flash is not easy to do without reflections. Nothing slide related to the forum but it is fun to play jazz with a low G string.




Reasonable Price for DeNeve Koa 8 String?

I am toying with letting go of my DeNeve koa 8-string. Though I'm still waffling furiously over whether or not to part ways with it, I want to do my homeword ahead of time and have a reasonable asking price in mind. Having seen no similar guitars for sale, I feel like I'm shooting totally in the dark. Anyone have an informed opionion on what a reasonable range of prices - depending on condition - might be? (I'd even settle for some well-intentioned guesses if that's what you've got...)


Mike Witcher & Ryan Cavanaugh - Salt Creek

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Hey Yall,

Here's a video I made with my buddy Ryan Cavanaugh. This was the first time we played together. We had a lot of fun!


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