Paolo Ercoli - I wanna go back to my little grass shack

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After listening to the Orville's nice one "I wonder where my hula girl has gone" I remembered that I also have recorded an hawaian song kinda like that one. On this one there is also a nice ukulele played by Max de Bernardi (check him out on you tube, he is a Great guitar player) , and some nice vocals too. Also on this one I play the koa Fishook (what better than a koa, on a hawaian song..) :-)

Article on Big Island Koa Company

We have been seeing more and more Koa instruments, Mike W's Clinesmith and some brand new to die for Scheerhorns delivered to some fortunate RN family members. The first Koa, or acacia koa, I ever noticed was when I visited the big island with my family at Christmas and stayed at the historic Volcano House  on the rim of the Kilauea Caldera in Volcanos National Park. The beds, over size rocking chairs, tables, nearly all the furniture and even doors and more were all made from koa. They were even burning it in the fireplace! I thought it was gorgeous wood, but I had yet to see the luthier grade curly and wavy stuff we see in these amazing guitars.

Today I was over on the Steel Guitar Forum seeking advice for my new vintage Fender triple neck and saw this cool article about the koa forest and it's management. Really interesting reading!



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Methodist Preacher

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Here's a little video from IBMA.

Clinesmith Koa #169 with Custom Bobby Poff Strap

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