Beautiful Meredith at SMG, Ltd

Check this one out: http://smokymtguitars.com/shop/resonator-guitars/meredith-elite-series-koa-one-of-a-kind-resonator.html  .  To bad Santa spent all his her money!



Tim Scheerhorn Playing WL-8 Koa L-body

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This is video I shot on my iPhone of Tim playing my new Koa L-body. He's not only the paragon builder, but a darn fine player, too.

Scheerhorn Wish List Guitar #8

Well, I was driving home from work today when my cell phone rang.  I looked at the number and it was a 615 area code and just then I knew where that call was coming from!  Tim said my guitar was ready!  He originally said it would be ready about the middle of this year (June), but I just had this feeling it was going to be ready in April.  I said I was sure I didn't have to wonder about how it looked, but I was curious about how she sounded.  Tim laughed and said if I didn't want this guitar, he was keeping it!  Yeah, now I'll have a hard time sittin' still until next Sat.  I can't get away this weekend, but I plan to head out early the following Saturday and make the pilgrimage.  Since I got on the list back in 2007 what's 10 more days, right? Laughing

Paolo Ercoli - I wanna go back to my little grass shack

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After listening to the Orville's nice one "I wonder where my hula girl has gone" I remembered that I also have recorded an hawaian song kinda like that one. On this one there is also a nice ukulele played by Max de Bernardi (check him out on you tube, he is a Great guitar player) , and some nice vocals too. Also on this one I play the koa Fishook (what better than a koa, on a hawaian song..) :-)

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