Dobro workshop at Dallas, TX-area Acoustic Music Camp, August 7-9 2014

Hi all -

I just got confirmation that I'll be teaching Dobro classes at the Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington, TX this August 7-9. There's a stellar lineup of instructors on all the bluegrass instruments, plus fingerstyle guitar and vocal classes. I was happy to see that David Hamburger, a very talented and inventive non-bluegrass Dobro player, will be there (he's teaching guitar but will hopefully have a Dobro with him!).

For more information, check out: http://acousticmusiccamp.com/



Beard and Benoit resophonics at the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree

I've posted some pictures from the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree held last weekend on the Steel Guitar Forum.


Carroll Benoit makes a really fine resophonic guitar. I played several different models that he had on display and was impressed with all of them.

I also played the Jerry Douglas model Beard guitar. The pattern in the wood on the body was unreal - almost psychedelic. My photo doesn't really bring out its beauty.

Howard, by the way, is a very fine player. We had some fun jamming! I don't know if I should post my photo of him playing somebody's Scheerhorn - I was saving it for potential blackmail purposes. :)

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of Mike Auldridge, who was also attending the event.

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