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I got my email from rob about the upcomming summit,, cant wait,, I am bumming that Mike Auldridge and Andy Hall wont be there this year! Mike is my Reso idle and was the highlight of my summit last year, will miss his humor, and andy was a Great teacher,, I am looking forward to curtis burch, lou wamp,(killer player)  megan lovell and orville,, and all the other teachers,,,

only a few months,,,



What Did You Learn At ResoSummit?

Last year we had a thread like this. So since no one started it yet, thought I would.

We all had an incredible time. A big part of it was to meet and hang with you all awesome folks. Driving energy for me is to soak up new ideas and to grow as a musician.

Jimmy Heffernan showed us some important points for standing with a reso. Of course it's different for everyone but, Reso slanting down with right arm pushing up on the strap really solidified my instrument. Also the strap on the left needs to be tight. Left hand always down - he puts a good amount pressure on his left hand, which never comes off the finger board.

He pointed out that many students are lifting their bars too much. I tip my bar a bit too much, so I'm working on keeping my bar flatter like Rob does.

Sally Van Meters pick blocking class was very helpful. (I think we have another thread on how to do it.) She is the queen of tone.

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south park dobro ??

as a life long south park fan Ive always wondered who is playing the dobro fills on every south park episode??? also is it matt or trey who loves the dobro?

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