Dobro Lessons

Guitar Sessions for January - Key of D part 2

More on playing 'bro in the Key of D this month at Guitar Sessions:

Free tabs at

Just read about this on the Bluegrass Blog.
See -

Special Guitar Sessions Article

Hey all,
This month, my Guitar Sessions article is about learning Dobro at a workshop. Part 2 will appear next month.

As a bonus, I got them to include a long video clip and Tab from my instructional DVD. It takes you through the entire process of working up a solo for "My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains."

I had just gotten a really bad haircut before filming the DVD--don't make fun...

Happy Pickin...

august guitar sessions mp3s

hi all--just some quickly done mp3s to go with the august article. sorry about the low fidelity :)

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