Dobro Lessons

April Guitar Sessions

Hi all,
This month's topic is learning some convenient chord arpeggios that will help you learn the fretboard and ultimately help you improvise on the dobro. it'll be at least a 3-part lesson, and I think this will fill in some missing pieces if you get bored goinig from chord position to chord position playing the same old licks, if you want to find new places to go on the fretboard over chord changes, or if you have trouble finding melody notes on the fly . If you want a head start on my workshops this spring and summer, this would be a good one to work on.

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March Guitar Sessions - more minor scales

A couple more minor scales for you this month as well as Tab and soundclips for the second solo of "the creptid mule." there are several fancy licks, including what's probably a new(ish) pattern for moving up a scale position (in the first several measures of the B part), as well as the dreaded "triplet" lick. I included a slower version of the solo made with The Amazing Slow-Downer, quite a useful software tool for figuring out fast licks. Check out last month's article for an mp3 of the tune in its entirety. Enjoy...

Feb. Guitar Sessions: The Relative Minor - Chords, Keys, etc

I think this is probably my best article yet for Guitar Sessions :) It goes over the relative major/relative minor concept, and might clarify what these concepts mean and how to use them in your playing. The article builds on licks from the last 2 articles on the Key of D by focusing on B minor, which is the relative minor of D. I included a tab from my tune "The Creptid Mule" in the key of B minor, which might be a workout if you're starting out, and will have a few new licks for more advanced players. Enjoy! The soundclip doesn't seem to work yet--I'll get on that....

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Guitar Sessions for January - Key of D part 2

More on playing 'bro in the Key of D this month at Guitar Sessions:

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