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May Guitar Sessions is up

Hey there,

This month's resonator guitar column, "Traditional Dobro: Chord-based licks Part 2," is on the web at . Working from the basic licks explained and tabbed out in Lesson 1, you get some examples of how to build on these licks to make a more interesting melody going from chord to chord.

Also, there's an explanation of the Nashville Number System that covers what's meant when someone says "go to the 4-chord" or "play a minor 6" and how those names are derived from scale degrees.

Tab and soundclips are provided--hope you like it!

April Guitar Sessions lesson

Hey everyone,
My first Mel Bay Guitar Sessions article is online. It's a free lesson with tab and soundclips on traditional chord-based licks (part 1 of 2). This is geared towards beginning and intermediate players. Be sure to notice the downloadable tab link in the upper right corner--looks a lot better than the onscreen version.

Here's the link:

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Mike Witcher- Lessons in Nashville

For all of you Nashville reso pickers out there: I thought I would let you know that I am moving to Nashville in February and will be teaching private lessons. And for all of you folks who who are thinking about attending a camp this summer I will be teaching at both Bluegrass At the Beach in Oregon and Nashcamp this year.

Feel free to message me on here if you have any questions.


Mike Witcher

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