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Ivan Rosenberg Lesson Online

The latest reso lesson by Ivan Rosenberg is up @ Guitar Sessions.

July Guitar Sessions

Hi all,
Got another free dobro lesson up on Mel Bay's Guitar Sessions this month: a few more rolls, and then an arrangement of Red River Valley using rolls from this month's and last month's lessons. Hope you like it....

filler roll patterns

I am fairly new to dobro and learning without a teacher. I am learning some from book, DVD but also trying to work out tunes by ear. I am able to get a tune worked out, though it is not fancy) but wondering if it is Ok to fill in spaces with roll patterns or better to have fewer notes.

May Guitar Sessions is up

Hey there,

This month's resonator guitar column, "Traditional Dobro: Chord-based licks Part 2," is on the web at . Working from the basic licks explained and tabbed out in Lesson 1, you get some examples of how to build on these licks to make a more interesting melody going from chord to chord.

Also, there's an explanation of the Nashville Number System that covers what's meant when someone says "go to the 4-chord" or "play a minor 6" and how those names are derived from scale degrees.

Tab and soundclips are provided--hope you like it!

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