Dobro workshop

Rob ickes Concert & Workshop, Northern California - UPDATE!

Thanks for all of the messages - it looks like this is going to fly.  Here's the info from the guy who is putting the show together -please contact him directly to register.

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Possible Rob Ickes Workshop - Northern California

Rob Ickes and Jim Hurst will be performing December 10 in Sebastopol, about an hour north of San Francisco.  If there is sufficient interest, Rob has offered to put on a workshop, probably here at Villa Badger.  Let's have a show of hands and see if we can make this work!

Where's Sally????

Just perusing the Reso-Summit instructor list and noticed Sally Van Meter is missing..... BUMMER!  Will really miss Sally not being there!  One exceptional instructor, she always left me with new stuff and pushed me to learn..  I hope this is just an oversight!Frown

BCBW music camp, y'all come!

Resofriends and fiends: There is still room in the BCBW dobro classes where I'll be

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