Don Young

RIP Don Young (National Resophonic Guitars)

News is out on Facebook that Don Young has passed away due to undisclosed causes.

It's with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to my dear, dear friend DON YOUNG. Don was the co-founder of NATIONAL RESO-PHONIC GUITARS, Inc. Beginning in 1989, Don, with co-founder McGregor Gaines, started building reproductions of 20's and 30's Nationals in Don's parents garage, then opened a small factory in San Luis Obispo, California that continues to this day to build the world's finest resophonic guitars. He passed away yesterday, June 15th.
Don was always funny, and generous, and a fine musician himself. He always had time for everyone, loved his work with a great passion, and left us a giant legacy. Rest in Peace Brother. You will be missed.

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