ShureKSM32CG and Fishman Aura Spectrum DI

Shure KSM32CG (Charcoal Grey) with Nice aftermarket shock mount holder and a nice storage box. Used 2x. I just do not need it.


$375.00 Shipped

Fishman Aura Spectrum DI used 3x. Nice unit I don't need it.  reference:

$275.00 Shipped


Would like to sell this week. Contact me here or at





Aura Pedal Settings Questions

Please see my questions below regarding Fishman JD model Aura pedal settings. I'm using a Beard R model (USA) with Fishman Nashville Saddle pickup installed by Beard Guitar in 2014.  The Aura pedal was purchased new in 2014.


1. Trim setting

Aura User Guide page 11 states: “Raiser or lower trim to optimize the input level for your pickup. Play hard and adjust trim so clip/batt LED flashes occasionally.”

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SOLD - Beard adjustable spider bridge



I'm selling my spare Beard Adjustable No 14 Spider.  The spider is in like new condition.  I'll throw in the Jerry Douglas Fishman pickup that is mounted in it.  The pickup works great on the top 5 strings but the 6th string signal is about 50% low.  Take it away for $55 shipped in the continental US.  I can do Paypal payment if you want to go that route.  PM me or send an e-mail to johnowen57 at gmail.



Pedalboard Pre-Amp/DIs' Pros and Cons

I'm putting together a small pedalboard and can use some input on preamps/DIs...

I know that the Radial PZ-Pre has gotten good reviews here but then I have also read a lot of comments from folks who don't like its sound. So, what are you all using and what has your experience been?

I'm using the Fishman Nashville pickup and JD Aura pedal and don't need to to have a rig where I can use more than one instrument. What I do need is for it to play well with effects pedals and, ideally, have both a pre and post effects low Z send. A dedicated tuner out would also be helpful. Most important to me, though, will be the combination of sound quality and durability.

Who's got ideas?

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