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In appreciation to Fishman

I'm about to babble:


I had one of those infrequent "important" gigs last night and this afternoon. Very large indoor pavilion. Sound crew ( 8 I think) provided. I know they weren't there for me Cool but the fact that we were opening for blues mistress Deanna Bogart had me a wee bit concerned about my stage rig and how they would handle an acoustic rock band and the reso in particular. It didn't take but a 10 minute meeting to know that the sound guys were pros and that (as important) we came prepared to make life easy for them.

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Settings/Cables for Aura

So I just got my MA-6 back from Paul Beard - thanks to Howard for bringing it up to Joe Val - with the Fishman pickup/adjustable spider and Aura pedal. My primary goal is to use this for bluegrass band gigs in small clubs/bars where the board/mikes/stage are limited and sound is less than optimal. At the suggestion of some of you, I got the Fishman Loudbox Mini to use as DI/personal monitor. Which prompts a couple of questions:

1) Which Aura settings (of the 16) do folks prefer? Paul recommends #11 (Neuman FET 47), and notes for points of reference that #3 and #16 offer the most bass and treble, respectively.

2) How about 1/4" cables (I need two: dobro>Aura and Aura>DI/Amp)? Any suggestions? They run from $6 to $100. I don't mind "investing" for something that lasts, but do I really need Monster cables? Should I use a right-angle cable out of the dobro?



Boss GT-10 and the Fishman Aura

Well, I pulled the trigger on one of these Boss GT-10 multi effects units, and I am not sorry I did...Finally, with the Fishman Aura for dobro, all the wonderful effects of the electric world are available to us dobro guys now, and with good sound. Its pretty amazing, whats in the this little box...There's a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you've got it, the sky is the limit...

I have this one setting going called "Kraftwerk" which sounds like the name implies, coupled with another one that puts two harmony parts with your basic dobro sound...and the harmony parts are selectable as to what intervals you want...very cool...

Yah, I probably won't take it to festivals and the like, but for putzing around the house or studio, Yowza!
Anybody else besides Freddy using one of these? Got any cool patch recipes?



Man Of Constant Sorrow - Lessons With Troy

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