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Mike Witcher- CO, WY, ID,WA & MT- This Week!

Hi Folks,

    I'm getting on that road again with Missy Raines and The New Hip.  Here's a list of our shows this week.

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Mike Witcher- New York June first

Hi Folks,

    I will be playing with Missy Raines and the New Hip in Madison Square Park this Wednesday.  Looks like a really cool concert series.  Here is the link for more info.

Anyone using an EQ with the Fishman PUP and Aura?

Been having mixed results with the Fishman Aura.

Probably due to soundtechs unaccustomed to the dobro. I would like to take it out of their hands somewhat.

Can anyone recommend an EQ for live purposes?

Thanks, Rob.

Fishman Aura Question and Issue...

Hi, I installed the Fishman Aura Pickup and the Beard Spider Bridge, and it sounds great. However now I have one pretty big sound issue.

The note (frequency) for "D" is way louder than any other note. You can really tell a difference when you play all the open strings. When I come to the lower "D" string, it's way louder and is even feeding back on louder gigs. And it's not just that D string, but the actual note D. When I fret the 6th string on the 7th Fret is does the same thing, and when I play other notes on the D string it does not do that.

I'm thinking of getting an equalizer pedal and just lowering the volume of that frequency. Do you think that's a good idea?

Anybody got any suggestions or ideas???


Much appreciated!




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