Fishman Aura

Fishman Aura Pickup Installation and Report

I have recently started playing in a band with keyboards and drums, and decided that I'd like to have a better-sounding rig than my old Mc-Feather that I had Tim install when I bought my maple Scheerhorn. It was "OK" when used with a Baggs Para-Acoustic DI, but after hearing JerryD use the full Aura system, I knew I wanted better than "OK".

So, I decided to try the Aura stomp-box with the Mc-Feather, just to see if it might give reasonable results without having to alter my guitar's setup. I know Billy Cardine is using the Aura pedal with a Schertler Basik pickup. Unfortunately, the sound I got with the Feather>Aura Pedal>Baggs was worse than just Feather>Baggs. So, I decided to break down and get the full Aura setup, by installing the Aura pickup in one of my 'horns.

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Fishman Aura with pre-existing pickup

I am thinking of just buying the Fishman Aura Pedal and just trying it with my Wechter Scheerhorn pre-existing pickup. Is this a horrible idea, or a decent one? I figured I could just try it out and see how it sounded with out changing the pickup just yet.

Mike Witcher in NC and VA this week

Hi everyone,

I am playing a couple of shows this week with Missy Raines and the New Hip and I would love to see you there. I had the Fishman pickup installed in my Koa Clinesmith. If you are interested in hearing it through the Aura in person I will be playing through it all night.

Thursday Oct.
The Gravity Lounge
Charlottesville, Virginia

Friday Oct 10th
The Evening Muse
Charlotte, North Carolina



Fishman Jerry Douglas

Stopped by the Beard shop in Hagerstown to have a little R&R done on my Res o phonic, and while I waited asked for a demo on the Jerry Douglas guitar and the Fishman Aura pedal.  It sounded really great, especially when played by Howard and another fine player there at the time. I asked the price to put it on my Maple E, and voiced my concern that it would change to sound when played acoustically. Paul assured me it did not, and would even improve the sound. The price was right, and my wife said "Might as well get it now and save shipping".  I didn't need any more encouragement, and while we had lunch at a local place they recommended, the pickup was installed.  We have been traveling for 3 weeks since, and I found it sounded, in my opinion, better than ever acoustically. I had to wait until we got home to hear the Fishman.  It was worth the wait, very much like having a whole range of instruments and electronics available to me.

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