Fishman Nashville Series pickup

Jerry Douglas Aura Pedal Demo

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Demo of Jerry Douglas Aura Pedal -First section features various blend settings between pickup signal and image #1. At 1:43 the demo passes through all 16 images at 40% pickup blend. Signal chain is Scheerhorn L Body Maple Resonator guitar w/Fishman Nashville Series Pickup-Jerry Douglas Aura Pedal-Radial PZ-Pre-Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb-QSC K12 P.A. Speaker recorded by Zoom H4N

Click link below for an interview with Dave Fournier from Fishman about the Jerry Douglas Aura Pedal at the Squareneck Journal 

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SOLD! - Beard Gold Tone PBSD w/ Fishman JD Pickup (installed by Beard) - $850 obo


Beard-setup Gold Tone PBSD with Fishman Nashville pickup (pedal not included). Guitar sounds and plays great. Original case included.  I can bring to Reso Summit if someone wants to save on shipping. I would need to know by 4PM on Tuesday 11/12 so I can pack it in the Jeep.  $850 obo.

Fishman PUP DIY install

After reading all the countless “horror show” entries on this and other forums and heeding the good advice of members (thanks) I installed my Fishman PUP into a standard #14 bridge. It took 7 hours and thankfully didn’t all end in tears. My biggest concern was notching and fitting the saddle without damaging the piezo elements. For notching I used a Dremel with a thin mini sanding disk that was sufficiently worn down so that the perimeter was closer to the plane of rotation, i.e. no wobblies.

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W/S spider and cone

I recently bought a new Wechter Scheerhorn R6524R and I have a Fishman Nashville PU and JD Aura on the way. 

My thought is to install the pickup in the original spider. I've read the threads about the Beard adjustable spider and how it simplifies the PU installation, but would kike to know if there are any significant tone advantages over the original W/S spider.


Does anyone known if the W/S original cone is truly a quality Scheerhorn cone  or if I should consideran upgrade while I have it apart? I have a recount Beard cone that I could drop in.


thanks, Dennis



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