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Joined the Rayco Club

Well in the interest of sharing, I just joined the Rayco club, so to speak. After a lot of thought and time spent at ResoSummit this past year - testing instruments, playing different woods, asking for instructor advice (which no two instructors said the same thing), etc etc (big thanks to all who let me try their instruments out) - I worked with Mark at Rayco for a new instrument.


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W/S spider and cone

I recently bought a new Wechter Scheerhorn R6524R and I have a Fishman Nashville PU and JD Aura on the way. 

My thought is to install the pickup in the original spider. I've read the threads about the Beard adjustable spider and how it simplifies the PU installation, but would kike to know if there are any significant tone advantages over the original W/S spider.


Does anyone known if the W/S original cone is truly a quality Scheerhorn cone  or if I should consideran upgrade while I have it apart? I have a recount Beard cone that I could drop in.


thanks, Dennis



Fishman Pickup For Sale

In appreciation to Fishman

I'm about to babble:


I had one of those infrequent "important" gigs last night and this afternoon. Very large indoor pavilion. Sound crew ( 8 I think) provided. I know they weren't there for me Cool but the fact that we were opening for blues mistress Deanna Bogart had me a wee bit concerned about my stage rig and how they would handle an acoustic rock band and the reso in particular. It didn't take but a 10 minute meeting to know that the sound guys were pros and that (as important) we came prepared to make life easy for them.

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