About preamps (Fishman JD Aura and Tonebone PZ-Pre)

Like many folks who play with a pickup, I have a Fishman and a JD Aura Imaging pedal. I run mine through a few other things, and then out through a Radial JDI.  It seems to work fine, and the simplicity of the passive DI is convenient.  I notice a lot of people here like the Tonebone PZ-Pre, which is also by Radial, and I must say it looks nice and fancy.  I can see that the EQ would be great to have, along with the two inputs, separate monitor and main XLR out, effects loop, and notch filter.  But the JD Aura already has something of a pre-amp.  Even if the pre-amp in the PZ-Pre is better, do you use it much?  Do you:

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Another Fishman Pickup Question

So, i know i have read this in a number of posts, but sorting through them is kind of a slog and I wondered if there were any upated thoughts on it, so starting a new thread.

I have the Fishman Nashville installed in my Rayco. Acoustically the sound is great. And initially plugged in the sound was great too. Though I have recently noticed that when plugged in my 3 and 4 strings are super hot, to the point of wanting to feedback even if I am simply standing there, not playing. the other strings, however, seem just as they should.

I know how delicate these pick ups are and many recommend either a Paul Beard set up or a Schoonover set up. Living in Alaska, I am not wild about shipping this bad boy somewhere for a new set up and fixing. Greg Booth, is this something you have experience fixing? If so, I'll email you.

Any thoughts, suggestions, input?



Suit Jacket Blues - Horn with Fishman

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OK Mark here's Horn with Fishman. A straight ahead 12 bar blues using Fishman pup, recorded direct from my pedal board to camcorder. 

Aura 16 reso images


I located a used Aura 16 and would like to know if the JD images or good reso images are available?

Or, is the only method to buy the JD Aura?


Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,


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