My experiences with the Fishman pickup and Aura pedal

So at Resosummit this past November I had Paul Beard install a Fishman Nashville pickup/spider assembly in my Crafters of Tennessee TN01 (Black Beauty). Last week I bought a Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura pedal.

I'm very happy with the results. Without the pedal, the pickup works great, but definitely has more of a lap steel sound. In some circumstances this is even a desired effect. I play though a Roland Cube 80X (based on the glowing reviews on the Steel Guitar Forum), and I get a great slightly overdriven sound.

I'm running dry (no other pedal) through the amp with the lead channel set to Metal Stack (emulating a Peavey 5150), gain set to about 2-3 and volume set to 3-5 depending on the room. It's a sound that works well if you can stay away from the front of the amp (to avoid feedback).

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Using Fishman Aura on a lapsteel..?

Hey everybody,

When thinking about amplifying my Wolfe with a Fishman Aura and having the accompanying pickup installed, my friend DobroJan told me about some experiences from others regarding the loss of volume and/or tone after such an installation when not playing amplified. Besides this, I heard it being said that you do not really hear your own dobro through the speakers when playing over a Fishman Aura pedal, but you'll be hearing one of the images available instead put over the sound of your dobro.

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Delay Settings for Use with Aura

I recently picked up a Boss DD-3 delay pedal to add to my amplification rig, which consists of a Meredith guitar with a Fishman PUP to Fishman Aura to DD-3 to Baggs Para DI, and I was wondering what kind of settings folks have found useful on their delay pedals.  This is a new effect for me.  My first instinct was to go with a minimum of delay, 12.5-50 ms, but I'm starting to dial in some settings that seem to work with longer delay.  At any rate, the DD-3 has basic settings of effect level, feedback level, and delay time.  I'd be very curious to hear what settings you Fishman users are using.


Fishman Soloamp 220

I'm considering one of these units for guitar, mandolin or vocals.  Anybody with experience care to offer an opinion?


Thanks in advance, Doug

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