Fishman Jerry Douglas bridge mounted in spider SOLD

I still have a used spider/JD bridge for sale at $125.00. It works great. I removed it from my Meredith.

Buyer will pay shipping, insurance and paypal fees. I'll stick with shipping within the US as dealing with customs gives me a headache, lol.

You will probably want to buy an Aura pedal to go with the spider/bridge.  You will need to buy and install a special 1/4" jack available from Beard or  maybe Elderly. Please keep in mind the aura pickup tends to have a wolf tone on the low D which you may want to EQ.

Please have a verified paypal account to buy, or mail cashier's check and wait for check to clear.

Please PM if interested.


Aura Jerry Douglas Signature Pedal Mic Images

Aura Jerry Douglas Signature Pedal Mic Images

From Fishman's user guide for this pedal here's a list of the mics (and distances from the reso) used to create each of the pedal's 16 images:

#1  - Neumann U67 large diaphragm tube condensor @ 12"
#2  - Neumann U67 @ 18"
#3  - RCA 77 ribbon @ 12"
#4  - RCA 77 ribbon @ 12" (with reso drop-tuned to CAFCAF)
#5  - Neumann M149 large diaphragm tube condensor @ 18"
#6  - Neumann M149 @ 12"
#7  - Crowley Tripp El Diablo ribbon @ 12"
#8  - Shure SM81 small diaphragm condensor @ 12"
#9  - Royer R-121 ribbon @ 12" (with reso drop-tuned to CAFCAF)
#10 - Neumann U47 large diaphragm tube condensor @ 12"
#11 - Neumann U47fet large diaphragm fet condensor @ 12"

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Purchase a Fishman Pickup & Aura Pedal - Get FREE AMT Spiderbridge and Installation/Setup!

For a limited time, ResoNation members who purchase a Fishman reso pickup and Aura imaging pedal from AMT will receive a free AMT High-Performance Spiderbridge plus expert installation/setup here in the AMT workshop. For further details, contact me directly either by sending an email to or calling (616) 243-1548.

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AMT is now offering discounted pricing on all Fishman products (typically 10 - 15% less than most other Fishman dealers if purchased as part of a package).  To obtain a price quote or for more details contact me either via ResoNation PM, email at or calling (616) 243-1548.


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