Best Fishman Reso Pickup

Which is the best Fishman pickup for my 4-string resonator BASS (spider bridge type


Classic style (screws on the central spider bridge screw):


The new spider style which filts into the two slot on the spider:



Guaranteed Lowest Prices On All Fishman Products!


AMT now guarantees the lowest available price on any Fishman product -- we will meet or beat all other authorized Fishman dealer's retail prices (excluding prices below wholesale cost).  To obtain a quote and/or check availability send an email to or call (616) 243-1548.


AMT Custom Road Case for Fishman's Loudbox Performer Amp


AMT is now offering a custom Anvil-style road case designed to precisely fit and protect Fishman's Loudbox Performer acoustic instrument amplifier/mini PA.  In addition to preventing damage to the amp during transportation this sturdy 21" tall case may be used as an amp stand on stage to raise the amp's controls and jacks up to waist level for more convenient access, and also enable it to be heard more effectively by both the audience and performer.

For more information or to purchase this custom road case send an email to: or call (616) 243-1548.


AMT's Batteryless Pickup Buffering/Linearizing Preamps


For resos having either an AMT "Single Element" or Fishman "Nashville" piezoelectric bridge insert pickup installed, AMT is now offering a state-of-the-art 'batteryless' piezo pickup buffering/linearizing preamp in either internally-mounted or external plug-in configurations, with the option of including a volume control and/or volume, treble and bass controls.  The unique charge amplifier-based design of these preamps results in far less hysterisis distortion in the pickup's output signal [commonly referred to as 'quack'] for substantially improved sound quality.

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