AMT's High-Performance Spiderbridge

The bridge assembly of a resonator guitar serves a crucial role as a mechanical coupler and distributor of sonic energy from the strings to the cone.  Although design, materials and manufacturing methods used to construct high end resonator guitars have progressed considerably since the 1930s, reso bridge design and manufacturing technology has largely remained stagnate for over 70 years (with the notable exception of Kent Schoonover's recent introduction of his "modular" modification for the #14 spider).

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Warwick RockCase, RockBag & RockStand Products from AMT


Warwick's entire line of RockCase, RockBag and RockStand musical instrument accessories is now available from AMT at discount prices.  If you're in the market for a new instrument or equipment hard case, instrument or equipment bag, or instrument stand please contact AMT to obtain a price quote.

For further details, send an email to: or call (616) 243-1548.


Fishman Aura JD Imaging Pedal @ Discount Price


AMT is now able to purchase Fishman's Aura Jerry Douglas Imaging Pedal at the same discounted wholesale cost as huge music store chains like Guitar Center, so for unbeatable pricing on an Aura pedal (as well as any of Fishman's other retail music products) contact AMT to request a quote.  Additional savings are available if Fishman products are combined in a package with any of AMT's own reso products, such as the new "High-Performance Spiderbridge", Aura-compatible "Single Element" bridge insert pickup, "Tunable Sound Ports" or "Modular Tailpiece".

For further details, send an email to: or call (616) 243-1548.


AMT's Batteryless Pickup Buffering/Linearizing Preamps


For resos having either an AMT "Single Element" or Fishman "Nashville" piezoelectric bridge insert pickup installed, AMT is now offering a state-of-the-art 'batteryless' piezo pickup buffering/linearizing preamp in either internally-mounted or external plug-in configurations, with the option of including a volume control and/or volume, treble and bass controls.  The unique charge amplifier-based design of these preamps results in far less hysterisis distortion in the pickup's output signal [commonly referred to as 'quack'] for substantially improved sound quality.

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