AMT Reso Pickup Installation Kits

AMT is now offering easy-to-use pickup installation kits for spiderbridge resonator guitars, including the following items:

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Installing Raised Metal Frets On A Wechter Scheerhorn Reso


Since Wechter Scheerhorn import resos were introduced a few years ago I've been receiving inquiries from resoists who either already owned or were planning to purchase one, but desired having raised metal frets instead of inlaid maple strips.  This has mostly been a matter of preferred appearance, however for some it was considered a necessity in order to quickly and accurately install a capo that relies on contact with a raised fret for accurate positioning (i.e. Martin Gross or Shubb).  In addition, some resoists with extensive playing time on resos both with inlaid fretlines and raised frets have stated that they find it easier playing with accurate intonation on a reso having raised metal frets... particularly in dimly-lit situations.

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AMT Quick-Disconnect Cable Assembly (for Fishman pickup)

AMT is now manufacturing a proprietary quick-disconnect cable assembly for use with Fishman's Nashville bridge insert reso pickup.  When used in combination with AMT's new high performance spiderbridge this cable assembly facilitates quickly and easily swapping between the Fishman pickup inserts and conventional bridge inserts of your choice -- to achieve optimum tonality, resonance, volume and sustain when use of the pickup isn't required, while enabling simple reinstallation of the pickup inserts whenever they're required for use with Fishman's Aura imaging pedal for live sound reinforcement.  Swapping of bridge inserts can be performed in less than five minutes using a standard hex key wrench... without requiring removal of the strings, coverplate, spiderbridge or cone.

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