AMT's New & Improved String Packaging


After coiling, packaging and shipping several hundred strings the staff at AMT has learned a great deal about issues involved in properly packaging strings to assure damage-free shipping and handling, along with maximum storage life and convenience once they're delivered to a customer.  Consequently, we've decided to invest in some specialized packaging equipment which will coil strings in a unique manner minimizing the risk of shipping or handling damage then individually vacuum-seal each string inside its own plastic bag.

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Discount GHS Reso Strings from AMT


Advanced Music Technology is now selling custom-packaged resonator guitar strings at discount prices!  We're currently offering premium quality strings manufactured by GHS, and have developed unique and innovative coiling and vacuum-sealing packaging methods which minimize risk of shipping or handling damage, while also providing long shelf life without corrosion.

For string orders of up to 12 sets shipping cost to a continental U.S. address via Priority Mail is $5.

Note: AMT-packaged GHS string sets can now be purchased with your choice of gauges for 1st and 2nd strings, at no additional cost.


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AMT Contact Info


Erik Waynesmith

Advanced Music Technology

1111 Godfrey Ave SW, Box 4C

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 243-1548  [Grand Rapids, MI]

(615) 530-8260  [Nashville, TN]



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (About Waynesmith Resos)


I've recently been receiving quite a few emails asking for more info about the new Waynesmith Evolution-series resos.  Since a few of the same questions have been showing up repeatedly, I thought it'd be useful to start a thread here in the AMT forum where I can post answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  Anyone with questions about these instruments which aren't fully answered by the posts in this thread can send me a ResoNation PM [private message], or email me at:


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