Beard Tipton Bars

There is info up on Beard's site about the new bars. 

Pat, I almost forgot there's one of those JD fretmarker dealies stamped into the end of the bar.

Beard Tipton bars actually sounds like a new series of upscale American brewery pubs.

Paul Beard is Da Man!

What a fine & gracious gentleman. Paul knows what customer satisfaction is all about & really goes the extra mile. -Thanks Paul!!


National-Style Biscuit Cones

I have some National-style cones for sale. All cones appear to me to have been installed (based on tiny scratches around biscuit screw holes). Otherwise excellent condition. Prices as noted in USD plus shipping.

2 - Beard 10 & 3/8" Biscuit Cones...$25.00 each

2 SETS - Import Tri-Cones (1 set Spun @ 5 & 3/4" ...1 set Spun with Stamped Spiral @ 5 & 7/8")...$25.00 each set

1 - Tricone T-Bridge...$20.00

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Small sized reso

I am wanting to know if there are smaller sized resos being made (child size).  There is a young girl (15) in my church who has been wheel chair bound since birth who dropped in on our weekly jam session last night with a small guitar.  She has difficulty holding it normally (artificial ribs) so I tuned it to an open E chord, gave here a bar and picks, and she had a pretty good lap guitar.  Before too long with a little instruction about where the chords were on the neck, she was right with the songs.  If she wants to stay with this, I would like to find her a small dobro.  She is very small for her age, so even a standard body will be too large.  Her guitar is about 1/2 size and is probably all she can handle.  Any help would be appreciated.


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