Beard Guitars at IBMA Fan Fest



Paul left this Am w/ 19 guitars and accessories.  Here are some of the highlights:

1. 25th Anniversary drawing for either a Goldtone PBS or PBS-8

2. New Odyssey Jerry Douglas Signature model (spruce/mahogany)

3. New Vintage Tobacco and Yellow Rose finishes for Mike Auldridge Signature Guitars

4. New production Goldtone PBS-8 eight string (tuned G6) guitar

5. New production Goldtone PBB resonator bass with upright adaptor

6. New Beard CAPO (Solid steel. No bone. Encapsulated knurled knob adjust.) JD's been using it for a while.

We'll have THREE booth spaces this year and a large variety of JD's, MA's, Odyssey's and E's (many Aura equipped) . We'll also have the GTone PBB and PBS-8.


and....a lot of other stuff I can't remember.


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Beard Odyssey

Hi Guys...


Have some of you played the Beard Odyssey mod from beard?? i realy like the look of it, and wonder howe it`s sounds


any body have one for sale???? Wink


have a nice weekend dobrofolks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leroy Mack in The Buckeye State

Leroy Mack will be performing with The Rarely Herd on September 18th at Uncle Buck's Riding Stable & Dance Barn near Athens, Ohio. Leroy is a reso legend and this is a rare midwest stop. Here are a couple websites to get directions and more info. Don't miss this show if you're anywhere close!

The Rarely Herd -
Uncle Buck's Riding Stable & Dance Barn -

Do Beard MA's sound better with Beard cones or Quartermans? OR what is your favorite set up for your MA?

I am looking at a 2 year old MA 8 (haven't actually played it yet) and having scanned a lot of threads I have gotten the impression that the quartermans are preferred but those were older threads. If my name were on an expensive guitar I would put in the best sounding cone unless of course there were some contractual  or consistency issues. I also don't want to frame this too those MA owners out there... what set up are you using and have you tried others? While I am at it...any issues that I should know about?

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