Beard E-model Demo

Hi Folks,

I posted a new video to the Slide Guitar Demo Series on my site. This weeks featured guitar is a quilted maple Beard E Model.

Here's a link to check it out.

How do you think it compares to the Scheerhorns and Blackbeard?

Thanks for checking it out,



Jerry Douglas on Acoustic Interlude at 30-A using D tuning

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In case you have never heard of this guy....(YEAH RIGHT)

Dobro and lap steel legend Jerry Douglas joins John Macdonell on Acoustic Interlude at the 2014 30-A Songwriters Festival.

Gold Tone PBS Deluxe Demo

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Hi Folks,

I posted a new Slide Guitar Demo today. Check out my website for more videos in this series.



Looking to try out some various Reso's CA

So I've been playing reso guitar for about 10 years and have been working with a beater Mckenna almost the whole time. I'm looking to upgrade to a high end guitar but am leary to shell out 4k+ for a guitar I've never played. Choosing a builder from pictures and web content just seems silly to me.


What I'm looking for is a reso player in California, preferably so-cal but not absolutely necessary, that has a decent to large collection of high end reso's and would be willing to let me visit for a afternoon to check out your collection and hopefully get some insight into what some of the different builders have going on. 


Thanks in advance,


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