Thank You!

I'm blatantly appropriating this idea from Greg, Bob and Mark.

The purpose of this thread is to provide some positive vibes that may resonate throughout our community. Let's give thanks to those who deserve it.

Since I'm starting this Love-In, I'm gonna double dip:

I want to thank Brad for this site! What the heck would we do without the RN??

Secondly, I'd like to thank Rob Anderlik. He's a good sport and has provided a great website that's a wealth of information I've scoured for years now.

Ok, so I lied! This is more than 2. Also thanks to Rob Ickes for inspiring me to play and to Tim Scheerhorn for his obvious contributions!

Beard E Model - Maple or Mahogany?

Hello all,

I've been shopping around for different guitars and I think I've settled on the E-model made by Beard.  Currently, they only have the mahogany model in stock although I know of a few shops around that are carrying the maple model.

From what I understand, the mahogany is going to carry a warmer tone while the maple will have a sharper tone that resembles many of the Sheerhorn models.  I spoke with Chet, a representative of Beard this morning.  He actually prefers the mahogany model but I wanted to get other opinions as well.

I haven't had the chance to play the mahogany model and was hoping I could get some insight from the fine people of reso-nation.

Thank y'all and happy playing!


Beard JD model baffle

I hear that the baffle in the Beard Jerry Douglas model guitar is similar but not exactly the same as that in the Mike Auldrige model. Can anyone offer a description of the details or a picture?

Beard at Boyd's

Anyone seen or played the Beard prototype at Greg Boyd's. It's an R body with E body construction. I'm wondering about it.

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