Beautiful Clinesmith Koa 8 String Resonator

Check out this beautiful Clinesmith Koa 8 string owned by Pete Grant. Some of you know Pete - he's a California steel guitar, dobro, banjo and all around musical legend. He was a good buddy of Jerry Garcia's and they both decided to take up pedal steel at the same time. He played steel on the Dead's Aoxomoxoa album and toured with among others, Hoyt Axton. He has also played on many dozens of studio dates.

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Clinesmith 6-string lap steel

Check out this beauty: it's been waiting for me for a while at Todd's shop, so I haven't played it yet. Looking forward to getting it in person this winter sometime. I got mine with a new Lollar horseshoe pickup for a more multipurpose roots music Rickenbacher sound rather than the classic western swing Bigsby sound Todd usually goes for with these.



Right Hand Technique Vol. 1

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Hi Folks, I'm happy to announce the release of the latest addition to my HD Video Download Lesson Series, Right Hand Technique Volume 1.

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Looking to try out some various Reso's CA

So I've been playing reso guitar for about 10 years and have been working with a beater Mckenna almost the whole time. I'm looking to upgrade to a high end guitar but am leary to shell out 4k+ for a guitar I've never played. Choosing a builder from pictures and web content just seems silly to me.


What I'm looking for is a reso player in California, preferably so-cal but not absolutely necessary, that has a decent to large collection of high end reso's and would be willing to let me visit for a afternoon to check out your collection and hopefully get some insight into what some of the different builders have going on. 


Thanks in advance,


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