Clinesmith Maple

Feast your eyes on this one! 2006 fiddleback maple Clinesmith, nice condition with some wear and light scratches. I'm listing this for a friend (my former teacher) and haven't played it, but it's gotten rave reviews from a number of good players who have, and that means a lot more than my pathetic opinion! Who cares what I think anyway? :wink: This instrument was picked as the best-sounding of a batch that Todd built, and I'm sure its everything you'd expect from a top-grade instrument. Great craftsmanship, tons of volume and bite, a thing of rare beauty. So, you ask, how could someone put a price on such an exquisite example of the luthier's art? Actually, it was no trouble at all! Asking $3000 plus shipping. Please PM me for more information, and I'll put you in touch with the owner by phone or email if its something I can't answer.


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Clinesmith Maple/Spruce!

Beautiful Clinesmith sunburst sprucetop with outrageous black-dyed fiddleback maple back/sides/neck - hard to capture in pictures, but a stunning instrument in the flesh. The black-to-gold sunburst looks like an old Gibson Advanced Jumbo.
Built 11/05, and just returned from a vacation at Todd's, where it had a complete setup, new Ebonex bridge inserts and new Quarterman cone. Great condition overall - just a couple of tiny nicks, no coverplate wear. The usual TKL case in good shape.
How does it sound? Nice balance and tonal depth, not as biting as an all-maple, especially on the high end. Plenty of volume and presence - cuts through fine in a loud jam.
This is a great instrument, but just isn't getting played much here, and it's time to make some room. Todd's new instruments start at $3600 with a serious waiting list. At $2800 including US shipping, this might make your life complete and save some $$ in the process!

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Blue Maple Clinesmith

3:51 minutes (3.09 MB)

Here's a tune that has this dobro sounding pretty much the way it actually sounds (i.e. very little reverb, no EQ). sorry you have to wait a while in the song before the 'bro comes in...

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