New 'horncone install

Got a hold of a 'horncone from Elderly and put it in the other day. Piece of cake for the most part. These cones have an incredible amount of "spring" to them. When I put it in and tightened down the coverplate, the strings wouldn't clear the bottom of the handrest strap on either side. I had to put all the strings on very delicately and tighten them to tension to get clearance. Now it's fine.

Sound change over the q'man in a walnut DeNeve? Pretty significant increase in volume (like I need to be louder...ack!) as well a generally overall brighter, crisper tone all around. The bass is especially thunderous.

Pretty cool how dobros make such great noise from what is basically a a couple of beer cans, huh?

Buy one? I'd do it again.


My American Girls

My American Girls

Left to right: Gibson L-OO, Dobro Leadbetter model, Walnut Deneve (aka Lounge Karma), Scheerhorn L Maple (my Angelina)

Slab cut Walnut DeNeve

I got yet another DeNeve in the mail the other day...This one is a slab cut black walnut deal with 1/4" thick top and back, and 3-1/4 body depth...Gorgeous thing, with a real "contemporary" sound. It has less "twang" and more subtleties of tone, like a Beard or 'Horn. I had Dick ship it to Paul Beards on the way out to have the Aura stuff put in.

This is the 8th DeNeve I've owned over the years, the first few sounded really good, but were still sort of "rustic" in appearance...the later ones have shown a drastic upgrade in craftsmanship and appearance, and the sound is outstanding. For $1450, far and away one of the very best values in dobros.

WTB Deneve Capo

Hi, I'm interested in a Richard Deneve Capo. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks.



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