Act (un)Naturally...

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So these city slickers came to the island looking for actors to be in a "movie", and I got signed up.
I play the uncle, the bride, and the dobro...hope you get a laugh!



DC Area Reso Gathering

In the event that the calendar posts get filtered out in some peoples views, I though I would post this here too.



Hey folks, a few of us DC folks are looking to put together another dobro gathering that I will be hosting. We've done this event twice before, with the idea to get a bunch of different resos in the house to sample and A-B. Lot's of fun. Last time we had 30+. The first one was written up nicely by Howard Parker on Reso-Guit.


Well were looking to do it again. At least three of us are in, and our instruments include 5 Scheerhorns, 2 Harpers, 2 Deneves, a Regal roundneck (modern), 1 Leadbetter Dobro 7 string. There should also be a handful of weissnborn style instruments and maybe an electric or two. I think I also a commitment from a 4th player who has a great 1930s Regal. The last gathering around 4 years ago even included special guest Mike Auldridge.


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Maple Deneve

With and Without Fishman installed/two nearly identical there a difference? You decide...

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So here's a comparison between 2 nearly identical dobro's. One has the Fishman, one doesn't. Does it affect the sound? Hmmm.

(sorry about the humming...).


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