Walnut DeNeve, fresh out of the box...

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Ok, so here's my second shot at posting a video...

It's a 2009 walnut DeNeve, aura pickup (not turned on) shot just out of the box when I got it last February. Just a short passage. I've got an identical guitar coming in the next few weeks that won't have the Aura installed, I'll post a similar clip to see if there's much of a difference in the "not plugged in" sounds of the two.

This guitar feels well balanced both up and down and across the fretboard on all the strings. Fat ass bass, and screaming treble on strings 1 and 2 up above the 8th fret. The cone doesn't "shake" like a good lugcone37, but it's a tad more towards the contemporary sound than either that or the Jones. Anyway, thanks for looking.

Oh, and for $1450, dobro's done by DeNeve are a an absolute steal, in my opinion. YMMV.



Trapper's DeNeve D Mesquite

2003 Deneve Mahogany Resophonic - SOLD SOLD SOLD


For sale: 2003 Deneve 6-string mahogany square-neck resophonic guitar. Very clean condition, other than one small dent and some very minor playing scratches on the top. Comes with built in McIntyre feather pickup and hard shell case. Superb tone and sustain. Asking $1100 USD. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


0:36 minutes (1.1 MB)

It has taken me many moons to get up the courage to post some of my pickin', but there's been some talk about Deneve guitars here and elsewhere, so I figured I'd take the plunge and post a recording of me pickin' my large body maple Deneve. 

I just got a H2 Handy Recorder earlier this month and I am quite impressed at the sound quality.  Even an amateur such as myself can put together a decent sounding recording. 

So here's my lame attempt at Ickes' EMD break.  Slower than his break of course!



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