Reso sighting on national tv

On the Weather channel this morning they had a bluegrass band on, "Smokies Farmhouse Band".  Overall it was a very good performance, some great shots of the Dobro, and a nice way to start my morning. Also I hope I got the name correct. :) 

Right Hand Technique Vol. 1

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Hi Folks, I'm happy to announce the release of the latest addition to my HD Video Download Lesson Series, Right Hand Technique Volume 1.

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New Old Dobro "Coffee Table" Book by Steve Toth

Was on the JDBB awhile ago and Jerry started a thread about a new book coming out from Steve Toth. Looks and sounds great! Jerry wrote the foreward,  his comments are below from the JDBB. here is a link to the Centerstream website, I have several of their books, all very good:

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RedLine Resophonics Econoline Rambler, Brand New, Under $1000!


Brand New Build! This is our RedLine Econoline Rambler square neck resophonic guitar. This guitar is American made, right here in Nashville, Tennessee. The simple, straight-forward design of this guitar allows us to build it at a lower cost, and pass the savings on to you!

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