Frank Bounds - Banks of the Ohio

1:24 minutes (1.29 MB)

I have been trying to use simple tunes that I know as learning tools.  This is my attempt at an interpretation of Banks of the Ohio.  I hope you enjoy my try at it. Hopefully I didn't mess up the melody too badly.

Frank Bounds - The Water Is Wide

1:14 minutes (2.26 MB)

I really like this tune and enjoyed all the clips posted a while back.  I got the basics from Troy Brenningmeyer's version (you can hear his influence).  I tried to add some of my own ideas.  I have been working on it and recorded it to see what it sounded like.  Seemed like it came out OK so decided to throw it out on the nation.

Hope you enjoy my attempt at it.

Fishook guitars

Over the weekend I had a chance to sit down and really smoke over the Fishook guitars that JD Myers is building and I got to say the craftsmanship and playability and over all look and design of these wonderful reso's blew me away. I had the chance to play a Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce and my goodness it's all I could do not to drool! The tone on these are very unique and unlike any guitar I have ever played with very deep throaty growling tones on the low end and wonderful mids that punch and balance out to the lows and the highs were not to tingy nor piercing but more loud and tonal than any other guitar I have played. Owning a 79 RQ mahogany, 96 Scheerhorn, 97 Scheerhorn,01 Scheerhorn, and Beard JD model I know good guitars and I gotta say I'm looking to JD Myers for my next guitar!!!!!

Fishook Eagle, SOLD

Fishook Eagle, SOLD

2009, #069 (06/13/2009), new generation large body, Fishook Eagle, curly koa and bear claw spruce back with chestnut binding

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