The sad state of Dobro® in 2016

Remember the Dobro® resophonic guitar?

Go to and note that the domain name is now for sale.

Go to and try to find any mention of "dobro". Go ahead, I'll wait...

Go to - note the first bluegrass instrument listed is a lap steel.

Ah, they have three Dobro models - two round neck guitars and one square neck (

Nice job, Gibson.

Roy Smeck Stage Dlx + Oahu lap steel guitar 68K

1930's Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Dlx,  on Ebay

Anybody know how often these come available and is this a good price?  The Fretboard Journal had an article on Jackson Browne recently.  Apparently he likes them so much he has a couple and commissioned his favorite luthier to make another 2 just like the Gibson, roundneck of course.  This one is unconverted from Hawaiian play.

Gibson dobro F60S (year 2000)


For sale is a dobro f60s model dobro. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful dobros you will ever see in your life (in my humble oppinion anyway) :). Tone is excellent and it is very easy to play. It has a very warm sound to it. It has some minor scratches and nicks that are quite hard to see in the photos so make sure you look over everything This instrument retails for $2500 new and it's really a steal of a deal at $1600. Here are some links of other places that have sold it. 
I was asking $1600, but I have lowered it to $900 because I really need to sell it. It comes with the original case which has the dobro insignia on it which is in  "good" condition. Please do not message me if Interested. Please call me if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing. Thanks for looking. . 218-259-5166

a Bass Banjo?

These were posted over on the Steel Guitar Forum.  I just couldn't resist posting them over here for your edification.  I'm not kidding these are actual instruments.  Where else except from the mind of Gibson!


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