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Ringing acoustic feedback on 3rd string- suggestions?

Hi folks,
I have a Gold Tone Beard square neck tuned Open D. My 3rd string (F#) gives a high pitched ring that is noticable when the note or chord is decaying, even acousticaly. It is isolated to that string. For example when i play an open chord D, it starts to ring and then stops if I mute only the 3rd string. It's a wound phosphor bronze Pearse .030. Yes, I tried changing the string. Although not the gauge as I like the taut setup. Obviously it's a much bigger problem when I plug in with my piezo pickup as it amplifes the feedback.

Any suggestions on where to start? Suppose I can have a luthier check it out but wanted to check here for some quick takes.


Guitar Center (NC) - Beard GoldTone PBS - 399.99----SOLD


I found another reso at a decent price, and thought I'd share.  It'd be a nice, quality, starter!

I don't know if this link will get you directly to it, but it will get you going in the right direction.


Located at Guitar Center in Greensboro, NC


SOLD: Gold Tone HDW Weissenborn Case


SOLD:  Gold Tone HDW Weissenborn Case.  Hardshell, made by TKL according to the good folks at Gold Tone.  Three latches, grey plush interior.  Fits vintage and Gold Tone Weissenborns, likely fits other similar newer Weissenborns.  Like new condition.  $119.99 new online, selling this one for $100 shipped to CONUS.  PayPal preferred, check or money order acceptable after clearing.  PM if interested.


Politically Correct Disclaimers:  Weissenborn in photo is for demonstration purposes only and not included in sale.  Professional stunt Weissenborn in closed case.  Always wear your strap lock.  Do not attempt at home.  Please slide responsibly.  Close cover before striking.

WTB: Gold Tone Beard PBSM - Found a guitar

I'm in the market for a used (or new factory blemished, discounted) Gold Tone PBSM with case.  Fell in love with the sound at McCabes in Santa Monica, but new it's a budget-breaker.  Does someone have one they'd like to sell?  It will be coming to a good home.  Thanks!


Found a good deal on a used Beard R and decided to take the leap.  Thanks to all who contacted me about this.

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