Harper Koa Reso #14


I'm selling this beautiful Brad Harper made Koa reso #14. This thing is a hoss. It was my main guitar for a year and a half or so.

It has abalone fret inlay, and nice herringbone binding all around. The coverplate is like a gun metal finish.

It has a Schertler pickup installed and the Schertler preamp with it. It's in great shape with a few little dings from playing. There's

a small cosmetic flaw in the binding near the neck joint, and one of the Waverly tuners needs a new washer. Works fine though.

It has a new tweed case. $2000. Killer price for a guitar that sounds this good. I have more pix for anyone interested. 


Scheerhorn Cone Demo

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I finally got to try a Scheerhorn cone in my personal guitar - it sounds really good.  To my ear (and considering the hundreds of variables in the mix) it sounds a little more focused in the mid-range, but without dropping the low or high end.  The note separation is cleaner than the previous Quarterman cone. 

The audio quality (from my camera) isn't the best because of my room.  I'll stick a real mic on it today and throw up the audio.  I'm definitely going to leave it in.  After a month or so, to let me ear get really used to it, I'll drop in the old quarterman in for another side-by-side. 

Koa Snowflake Inlays

Koa Sound Hole

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