Beautiful Meredith at SMG, Ltd

Check this one out:  .  To bad Santa spent all his her money!



The Delta Blues Style - for GBDGBD Tuning

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I'm playing this on a Maple Meredith.

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks again,



Tooter Meredith's Brand New Site Is Up!

Hey everybody! I just put the final touches on Tooter's Brand New Website:


I tried to put everyone's pics up. I'm sure I'll be fine tuning things on the site over the next month or so.

Thanks so much to all of you that took the time to take pics of your beautiful resos and email them to me!! Much appreciated.


Enjoy the new site!!! Tooter's a great guy, does amazing work, and hopefully this site showcases some of his worldclass Resos!



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