RedLine Resophonics Econoline Rambler, Brand New, Under $1000!


Brand New Build! This is our RedLine Econoline Rambler square neck resophonic guitar. This guitar is American made, right here in Nashville, Tennessee. The simple, straight-forward design of this guitar allows us to build it at a lower cost, and pass the savings on to you!

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Steve Smith - Redline Reso's in Fretboard Journal

Nice article featuring Steve and Redline Resos' in the new Fretboard Journal. Congratulations Steve, couldn't happen to a nicer guy...


Saint Anne's Reel, Swedish Style

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Our friends Par Ojerot (guitar), Oskar Reuter (mandolin), and Tobias Strömberg (resophonic guitar) playing a bit of St.

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Redline Rambler $100

There's a fellow over on the Reso Hangout that is selling a Redline Rambler for $100.  These are hand built by Steve Smith and come with a Quarterman cone.  The Quarterman cone itself is $60.  This can't be a bad deal for a back up, outdoor guitar.  It's worth a look.  I was going to put in a snappy ending about the Redline reso in particular and the terseness of the thread and no reason to speak anymore about the merits of the thread but I thought that might be in questionable taste.

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