Karura case for Scheerhorn L-body

Hi guys.


I want to get a Karura case for my L-body Have any one of you tryed one?? I need to send in a custom order with a very spesific measurment. im so affraid to measur something wrong, so i yust wonder if anyone had done it before.

L-Body String Spacing

I have always loved the sound of L-body Scheerhorns but had never actually played one until last night. Not only did it sound amazing, as they all seem to to my ears, but it had wider string spacing than my R-body and I found it much easier to play. It just fit my hands better. Since the owner didn't seem to know, is wider string spacing a part of the L-body design or was this a custom option of some kind in this particular guitar?


Every so often, you get a chance to be part of something unique, special and even momentus.  I share the duality of this honor with my good friend, Mark.  In a nutshell, one fateful day, on the JDBB (correct any of this if I'm wrong, Mark), there was a thread about Scheehorns wherein I declared Scheerhorns to be a "bargain" at $8,000 and Mark's head promptly exploded.  At the time, I think Scheerhorns were selling for either $5,000 or $6,000 if you were on Tim's waiting list.  However, used guitars were selling for more on eBay and privately.  As controversial as it might have been at the time, I believe time has proven this to be true.  As we all know, Tim's old list is closed and now we are in the era of the Wish List guitars.  With these new guitars, there is a new baseline price of $10.2K.  Finally, Tim is getting the true value of his instruments and not just resellers.  We are also privy to some of the best guitars I believe he has ever made.  Put on your protective

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