It's been a while since the last Scheerhorn thread..

Considering that interval I have noticed two things: 1. A conspicuous relative absence of signed guitars (other than the recent arrival that I hadn't noticed until just now) showing up in most of the popular classified websites as compared with a few years ago. And 2. Not a lot of A/B comparison threads with the natihorns lately. At this point I will pause to allow our affiliate from Sonoma to give us his special report. By the way, any follow up to that dinged guitar Mark had fallen in love with?


Oslo grass ensemble

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Cramped hand due to Scheerhorn chrome bar (or other make for that matter)? Good alternatives?

Hi all,

Every now and then (not always) my left hand becomes cramped easily while playing, as if my Scheerhorn chrome bar doesn't fit in my hand comfortably enough. I'm wondering if it has to do with the relatively heavy weight (in my experience at least) and shape of it. Can anyone relate to this issue, with a Scheerhorn bar or other makes? I don't have considerably bigger or smaller hands than average.

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Scheerhorn #024, 1990 Maple R Body SOLD

Contact me by email:


Scheerhorn  #024, 1990 Maple R Body. Excellent condition, no dings on body, neck or peghead. Playing side of neck has some slight bar marks. Equipped with Tim's installed mag pickup with internal condenser mic (mounted to spider). Dual pickup/mic leads to endpin jack for preamp hookup.

The sound is full and balanced whether acoustic or amplified. Amplified sound combines warmth of lower register frequencies with the mag pickup and adds crisp, clear highs from the internal condenser mic mounted over the cone.

I used it primarily in studio in Nashville as an acoustic. Includes original tweed hardshell case. $4,500.  SOLD 8/14/15. Thanks for looking.


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