Nati-Horn tone

Have any of you played both the maple and Ickes models of the new Nati-Horns?

I know that the maple is brighter than the mahogany, but how does the Ickes compare to the maple in terms of tone, volume, etc.

The Ickes model is priced significantly higher than the other two...I would imagine that the purfling and different tone woods account for some of the price difference...

Scheerhorns and Open D?


Rather than pile on to the monster National/Scheerhorn thread below, I wanted to ask a very specific question on Scheerhorns, as I am also eyeballing the new National offering.

I play in Open D as my main tuning.  I know it's a tad unusual but it suits the style I play.  I have a GoldTone Beard set up for Open D with strings .018-.022-.030w-.036-.053-.068.  And yes, I do need that beefier low D string in order to keep my alt bass picking crisp on the low end.

The Gold Tone Beard handles this very well, with no issues - in fact the stock nut/bridge slots worked as is.  And the instrument seems to embrace the tuning quite well, with a nice full and rich tone (not bad for a budget axe).

Anyone have experience with Scheerhorns in Open D, and especially using beefier string gauges like the ones I use?

I'd appreciate any commentary.


Uncle Jack


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Hey there friends, I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.  I haven't been to Reso Nation in a bit and figured I'd drop by and post a little bit of what I've been messing with.  This video was actually based on a school project.  I'm a jazz piano student at UNCA right now and have really really been enjoying it.  Part of what I had to do with this tune was include a variety of 'scales' as sources for some of the improvisation...Octatonic (or half-whole), whole tone, Altered and Mixolydian b9 b13, etc.  Sounds kinda fancy if you're unfamiliar with them, but they essentially just highlight the important parts of the melody against what would otherwise be pretty recognizable chords.  I'm working on transferring all the piano ideas to the dobro to try and deepen my connection to idiomatic jazz phrasing.  I kinda love the melodies more than anything...the way they bounce of the harmonies in the chords is really beautiful in this music.

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Looking to try out some various Reso's CA

So I've been playing reso guitar for about 10 years and have been working with a beater Mckenna almost the whole time. I'm looking to upgrade to a high end guitar but am leary to shell out 4k+ for a guitar I've never played. Choosing a builder from pictures and web content just seems silly to me.


What I'm looking for is a reso player in California, preferably so-cal but not absolutely necessary, that has a decent to large collection of high end reso's and would be willing to let me visit for a afternoon to check out your collection and hopefully get some insight into what some of the different builders have going on. 


Thanks in advance,


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