Looking to try out some various Reso's CA

So I've been playing reso guitar for about 10 years and have been working with a beater Mckenna almost the whole time. I'm looking to upgrade to a high end guitar but am leary to shell out 4k+ for a guitar I've never played. Choosing a builder from pictures and web content just seems silly to me.


What I'm looking for is a reso player in California, preferably so-cal but not absolutely necessary, that has a decent to large collection of high end reso's and would be willing to let me visit for a afternoon to check out your collection and hopefully get some insight into what some of the different builders have going on. 


Thanks in advance,


Scheerhorn - setup?

All - could someone PM me about Tim Scheerhorn's contact info to see about him doing a setup on my maple 'Horn?   Thanks, Michael

Scheerhorn National collaboration



A few days ago Bill at Artisan announced a new reso guitar to be available by Reso Summit time and it is a collaboration between National and Scheerhorn.  Sounds very intriguing I am very interested to see what this new instrument.

Karura case for Scheerhorn L-body

Hi guys.


I want to get a Karura case for my L-body Have any one of you tryed one?? I need to send in a custom order with a very spesific measurment. im so affraid to measur something wrong, so i yust wonder if anyone had done it before.

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