The Billy Sea @ Altamont Theatre, Nov 2011

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Hello there dobro friends.  I've got a debut CD release coming up with my buddies from The Billy Sea and am going to be releasing a vid a week leading up to the party in July.  If anyone's around Asheville in July, it'll be at the Isis Theatre on July 13!  The album is called 'Global Americana' and the music kinda dances around some familiar Appalachian acoustic sounds and at times gets into some 'globally' influenced rhythms and melodies.

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I hope everyone is having a sweet and safe spring!  All the best, Billy

1995 Scheerhorn Spruce/Mahogany R Body Reso - SOLD!!!!


1995 Scheerhorn Spruce Mahogany R-Body reso for sale. Since I've had it, I had Tim put in a new cone, ebonex bridge insert, screenless soundholes and also had him replace the metal baffle inside with the newer plastic baffle. This is a great sounding instrument, and I much prefer the tone of this wood combination to that of the R-body maples. I still have the original metal baffle which also has the sticker with the SN and date of completion on it. $5700 + shipping. Prefer to do the handover in person, but will ship within the US48.





******   Item has been sold  *******

Scheerhorn Stainless Steel Rebuffed and Ready to Play

L-Body String Spacing

I have always loved the sound of L-body Scheerhorns but had never actually played one until last night. Not only did it sound amazing, as they all seem to to my ears, but it had wider string spacing than my R-body and I found it much easier to play. It just fit my hands better. Since the owner didn't seem to know, is wider string spacing a part of the L-body design or was this a custom option of some kind in this particular guitar?

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