2006 Scheerhorn L Body on Ebay

Not sure if this has been thrown up on the forum yet, didn't see it recently so thought I would throw it up:


Scheerhorn wish list length and list of WL guitars built already

Does anyone have any idea where Tim is at in his wishlist and what the current wait time might be?  I know that nobody, including him, could say for sure - I'm just more curious than anything - and all the 'horn threads are too fun to read :)

If you have one, post a pic and list details!  Might be fun to have a running record of lots of WL's in one place?

2004 Scheerhorn L body on ebay

I just saw this on ebay, thought you all might like to see it, no connection to seller. It looks like this one was listed on RN last year. Beautiful guitar.

Just fooling around with my new guitar...

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I had no idee what to play, so its yust a lot of ...."something"    but its fun!!!!Laughing

its has been recorded with my ipad, so the sound is not the best guys!!! sorry.. 

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