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Experience with Schoonover Modular Spider?

Hi. I have a fantastic R/S Clinesmith that I recieved two years ago. I got the Fishman Aura setup installed by Todd and I am very happy with the guitar. However, I have since then been wondering how it would sound with a ebony capped maple insert. I do not longer play in a band, and do not use the guitar plugged in. I am considering selling the Aura setup, and need to install a spider with inserts.

I have sent a mail to Todd asking if he can provide me with the spider/inserts, but I am also considering the Schoonover Modular Spider. Does anyone here have any experience with it?

There's been endless discussions here whether the fishman equipped guitars loose volume and tone compared to the all acoustic ones. If in fact my guitar will improve with this, then truly all GAS is gone and I will consider my guitar the best in the whole world!! (NO NEED TO SPEND A FANTASILLION ON A SCHE....)



Blues Stay Away From Me

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Here's a new video lesson you can score at There's also a new scales lesson that will up in a day or so. Check em out !

Thanks Brad !

Turkey in the Straw

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Here'a sample of a new lesson avaible at folks. New lessons coming all the time so stop by often or get a sleeping bag and hit refresh every 5 minutes or so.


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