Jimmy Heffernan DVDs

Hey guys, I just thought I'd post a few comments about some Jimmy Heffernan DVDs I purchased recently. Just before Christmas, I went to and had myself a little shopping spree. I basically picked up all his instructional DVDs - even ones I thought I didn't need. I've been playing for years and so, at first, I didn't think I'd get too much out of Resophonic Guitar from Scratch. However, after reading the caption, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I think I fell victim to what happens to a lot of people when they first start out playing an instrument. You tend to get bored doing the basics (scales, rolls, etc.) and you want to just "play" and in my rush to learn songs, I think I very well glossed over some of the basics. For example, the price of the DVD was worth it for me in the lesson about vibrato alone. Jimmy's technique and description of how to execute it were great.

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Schoonover Resonator Guitar--Near Mint!--Sold


Beautiful Mahogany Schoonover Resonator Guitar.  Full body sunburst lacquer finish.  Made from all solid woods.  Nice (and expensive) Waverly tuners.  The workmanship is as good as I've seen, and it sounds great too.  Only out of the house a few times--no issues.  Comes with heavy duty Cedar Creek case.  Save over $1200 compared to a new one, and this is close to new condition.  Priced at $2200 including US shipping and Paypal fees.  Email for more photos or info.  Thanks, Dana

760-805-9873 PST

Schoonover for sale at Elderly Music

There's a 2007 Maple Schoonover newly arrived at Elderly Music.  The listing says it's on consignment.  I'm not sure what that tells you but ...


Check out the new product from Schoonover Resophonic Guitars. Go to , after you get to the home page wait about 5 seconds and you should see the link.

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