I don't recall if this has been posted before but it is a slick way to protect soft top guitars from minor pick damage. I took one of the screen protectors left over from an old Palm PDA and cut it to fit between the soundhole and coverplate. It is invisable and can be removed wthout damage to the finish. You need to make sure there is no lint or you will get small bubbles.

Happy scenic new home

Kodiak reso received my Wechter-Scheerhorn that I sold him on reso-nation's classifieds (thanks resonation!!!).  It arrived safe and sound.  FYI, to send it UPS  from Salmon, Idaho to Kodiak, AK would have cost over $300 in freight and insurance (absurd).  I shipped it USPS, priority, insured: $86.   It made it no problem, according to Kodiak.

He sent me this nice photo of my old guitar, his new guitar, in its beautiful new neighborhood.  Maybe it's time to do a Reso-nation calendar!


Chat with Rob Ickes and Abraham Wechter

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Interesting discussion about the Wechter-Scheerhorn Rob Ickes signature model.

What happened to the W/S Solid wood models?

Anybody know why Wechter Scheerhorn stopped making the Elites? The solid wood models? I remember I bought one like 4 years ago, it was a Curly Maple R body bought off of eBay for around $2600 and as of everything I buy I had to sell

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